Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Roommates and religion: Practising with someone else in the room

As with most pagans, my home is my sacred space. It's a small one bedroom apartment and until recently I was the only occupant. This meant that my alter could live in the living-room and no one really noticed it or upset it.

This has all changed now that I have a roommate. He moved into my little apartment and is living on the couch until we find a good 2 bedroom apartment. I adore my roommate and he's been rather accommodating to our situation but it has meant some adjustments more than just making up a cleaning schedule.

Prior to his moving in, I transferred all my alter/books/supplies into my bedroom and created an alter there. I'm not a big fan of the alter in the bedroom for purely mental roadblock issues (I'm neurotic about certain spiritual issues). I'm getting over this but it has made me ponder, how do others do it?

Being a solitary practitioner has been simple enough being that I was single and lived alone. If I wanted to do a ritual or spellcrafting, I did it. Only real difference now being that I plan and schedule around when the roommate will be home.

If you live in the broomcloset, how do you celebrate or perform ritual? Is your home your sacred space?

One of the biggest things I did was provide the roommate with the "this is my religion and while I know you joke about everything, this is serious to me. Please respect that" speech. Oddly enough, he was completely respectful and supportive.

The other alternative is to go out into the community and find others to do ritual/celebrate sabbats with.
If you're unsure of where to go, there's plenty of online resources. I prefer witchvox although there are some great groups on Meetup.com

So what methods to you use to cope with a non pagan roommate?